James Dunbar Photography

I am able to consistently and reliably film beautiful and rarely seen invertebrate behaviour. Please see the films below for examples.

The Solitary Bees

90% of Britain's bees are Solitary Bees. They are crucial pollinators, yet are little known or conserved. This film aims to change that. This film showcases the fascinating behaviour and value of the UK's solitary bees. We follow a variety of different species through their struggles to find resources, avoid death and create new life.

Jewel Wasp Ampulex compressa

This amazing wasp uses surgical precision to turn a cockroach into a living larder for her young.

Sex, Violence and Harvestmen

A short film showcasing the violent sex lives of these truculent and bizarre little creatures.

Autumn Spiders

A short film demonstrating the complex courting rituals of the Araneus (Garden) orb spider.


The only existing footage of a Dolomedes Raft Spider spinning an egg cup and laying eggs.


As long as I can remember I have always loved nature and been obsessed with insects and spiders, especially ants.

I took this obsession to its natural conclusion and went on to study Zoology, getting my undergraduate degree from the University of Glasgow. There I specialised in the study of ant plant mutualism, neurological mechanisms of behaviour and behavioural ecology. I had at the time every intention of becoming an academic.

After I graduated I took up photography as a hobby. And soon enough this hobby became a life-style and I decided to change career paths and try to get into media. Largely because I felt that this would be a better way to encourage more people to care about the environment and spread a message of conservation.

James at home
James explains aperture

I had a great time with James, he really know his stuff when it come to macro photography, and is great at explaining it and so by the end of the day you will too!

Martin Mullins

Group Macro Safari:

This is a specalist all-day course for learning how to photograph flowers, insects and other small things. I will teach you everything I know about photography, fieldcraft and insect behaviour. Even though this is a specalist course, beginers are very welcome! Maximum of 4 people. Participants must bring their own camera. Cost £100


Like the macro safari except you will recieve my total undivided attention. Again this course is open to beginners and experienced photographers alike. One-to-one tuition allows me to tailor the lesson specifically to your exact needs. Because there are only two of us I can actually lend you equipment for the day. Cost £250


I have an in depth understanding of both natural history and photography. My background is first and foremost one of science. I have an honours degree in Zoology from the University of Glasgow and I specialised in the study of insects. I have also spent years following them around with a camera. As such I have both practical knowledge through experience and 'book' knowledge through study, both of which I can pass onto you!


I run regular courses each week on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. These are generally dependant on numbers. If you purchase a class from me you have a year in which to choose a specific date. I will contact you and let you know when they are going to be taking place.


All my classes take place either in Leigh Wood just outside Bristol, or the University Botanic Gardens depending on the weather. I do tend to prefer the former for 3 reasons: 1) It is close to the city so that even people without cars can access it easily, 2) It is heaving with insects and I know it well. Having the lessons here will ensure that we will see and photograph as many different kinds of insect and spider as possible, and 3) It is free to access for the public.


What do you do to book a lesson? First of all, choose a class and pay for it via the paypal button above, then either contact me or wait for me to contact you to arrange a date. It's that simple. Once you have purchesed a lesson it is more-or-less up to you when you decide to use it!


[James Dunbar] shoots flabbergastingly good insect behavioral photography. With a scientific background he is full of knowledge on nature.

Tom Glendinning
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